Operations Talent Program

Operations Talent Program

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The Operations Talent Program (OTP) is a two-year graduate program designed for brilliant STEM and Economics talents willing to develop technical and managerial skills within our global Operations in Italy and France. New edition kick-off: September 2023.

Are you ready to embrace your future?

If you are looking for a fast-track path within Operations that can open up international opportunities this is your occasion!

Thanks to the OTP you will have the chance to enhance your knowledge with both hands-on experience and an ad-hoc learning path. You will deep-dive the EssilorLuxottica Operations ecosystem, an industrial environment which integrates Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, Logistics, Supply Chain, New Product Introduction, R&D and Sourcing, where technology, innovation and product-passion sit center-stage. 

The OTP is integrated by a structured learning path made up by an Academy, deployed during the first six months, and a deep dive into management topics with a top-notch European Business School. 

After one year you’ll have the possibility to make your first job rotation, start your project work and join a fun and insightful 2-days Hackathon with the OTP international community.

The OTP is a unique opportunity to meet, learn from, and be inspired by business leaders at every touchpoint.  

After the 2 years of program and job rotations, you will have the possibility to continue grow within EssilorLuxottica in an international assignment like in United States, Brazil, China or Japan.

What we offer

Portrait of an OTP talent
Portrait of an OTP talent

A brilliant and motivated STEM or Business student or graduate, eager to grow and achieve long-term career goals at a global level.

A world citizen with a global mindset, interested in learning about different cultures, who has already gained international experiences such as study exchange or internship abroad.

A forward-thinker passionate about technology who unequivocally gives attention to innovation and industrial operations.

A collaborative real team player who is naturally curious, has a respectful attitude, and feels at ease expressing themselves in a friendly and global work environment.


The OTP is a program that gives you the opportunity to delve into the entirety of the production process, from the design to the selling of the product. After learning the theoretical side of things in our university studies, the OTP involves you in the making of real-life products.


I’ve been impressed by the international network that the OTP represents. Each of my OTP colleagues belong to different departments inside Operations, and I have learnt a lot about the company and how the different departments works.


The OTP is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that launches your professional career and builds a brilliant path within the industrial field, thanks to the opportunity to work side-by-side with experienced and talented colleagues. At the same time, it gives us the chance to get to know people from other cultures and to adopt new approaches and ways of thinking.

Envision your future at EssilorLuxottica
Envision your future at EssilorLuxottica
Envision your future at EssilorLuxottica